About the Meut Association

MEU Trento Association is a students’ association which, every year since 2016, organizes the simulation of the European decision-making process held at the University of Trento. The association, born in 2016, involves today around twenty students coming from all the university departments who actively take part in the organization of the yearly simulation. The organizers, through their voluntary work, deal with all the aspects of the simulation, ranging from logistics and PR to fund raising and participants’ coordination.

Meut Staff plus Chairs and Journalist of Meut 2018 edition

Over the past years, the association itself got bigger and the aims pursued became more ambitious. While only University of Trento students were involved during the first simulations, we reach today the broader public made up of students from the University of Trento, the University of Bozen and the University of Innsbruck

Through its activities, MEU Trento Associations aims at promoting dialogue and cultural exchange among young generations, as well as at contributing to a more democratic and informed community. Furthermore, the simulations allow the students to develop soft skills such as critical thinking and mutual respect.