The simulation of the EU decision-making process will consist of a four-day session held at the University of Trento from 20 to 24 May 2019, during which two actual legislative proposals from the EU Commission will be debated, amended and voted upon by the simulated European Parliament and Council of the European Union.


General info about Meuregio 2019

How does it work?

At the MEUREGIO Conference, the selected group of participants will be assigned a role (Minister, Member of the Parliament or journalist) and will be invited to attend a preparatory seminar held at the respective university of the Euregio, approximately one month before the simulation itself. This will serve as the first chance for the participating students to get together and take a glimpse into the rules of procedure and the program of the conference.

The seminar

The seminar aims at giving a general idea of what the students will be required to do in preparation for and during the simulation. A brief debate will be simulated and addition information on what are the rules of procedure will be given. The seminar will be held in Trento, Bozen and Innsbruck in order to give everyone the chance to attend.