The simulation of the EU decision-making process will consist of a four-day session held at the University of Trento from 20 to 24 May 2019, during which two actual legislative proposals from the EU Commission will be debated, amended and voted upon by the simulated European Parliament and Council of the European Union.



Goal 1
Increase the political engagement of young citizens through the understanding of the decision-making process and the knowledge of the institutions of the European Union.
goal 2
Promoting an EU sense of community and international encounter through participation in complex and fulfilling tasks
Improve the knowledge of the European Union’s institutions’ procedures
goal 4
Soft skills development such as personal involvement, independence, cooperation, teamwork, self confidence, time management, problem solving.
Improve negotiation and debating skills through organized debates and conferences on real EU-legislation.
Provide an English public speaking arena in which student can practice and develop their oratory, in front of a controlled and friendly crowd.